Monday, September 22, 2008

A simple question...

How stupid would Congress have to be to hand over a large pile of money to the people on Wall Street when they've just shown how irresponsible they are with it?

When a drowning man needs a life-jacket he shouldn't complain if there is a lifeline attached to it. Why not let the drowning see that there are sharks in the water that are very near?

In other words, why do anything until investors worry that irresponsibly run companies might actually go bankrupt in a free market? At that point if the government wants to toss a life-jacket overboard I believe there will be a fight for it, strings be dammed.

When it is your average Joe that can't make his mortgage payments because his kid got sick, Wall Street will talk about the character building experience of personal responsibility.

Why aren't republicans willing to "let the market work" when it builds corporate responsibility?

Why should republicans favor a bailout? Don't they recognize a welfare corporation when they see one?

ADDENDUM: Here is how Paul Krugman analyzes the situation, and he doesn't delve into metaphor the way I like to: Railroad Bill

ADDENDUM TOO: Josh Marshall analyzes the situation, but he does delve into metaphor the way I like to do. His metaphor? A man holding onto a cliff face by his fingertips

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