Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The answer, my friends...

As Barak Obama begins to lose traction in the polls (CBS Poll), everyone is chiming in to offer their opinion as to why. I figure that I might as well join the chorus and add my two cents worth.

Because I have supported mostly democratic presidential candidates I can say I have seen a lot of stupid things in my lifetime. Perhaps, insane is more apt. It is, as Einstein once said, the definition of insanity to do the same thing over and over while expecting different results.

What is it that democratic presidential candidates do over and over again that causes them to lose traction in the general election?

They listen to D.C. professional election losers just as soon as they capture the nomination, they ass-kiss the democratic aristocrats, and abandon the dance partner that brung them (i.e. their base).

Obama's campaign had momentum until he came out and backed Telecom immunity. The pros will tell him it was a wise centrist thing to do, but it disheartened a lot of supporters and made him look weak. Bill Clinton put it this way, "It is better to be strong and wrong".

Remember what happened to poor Al Gore when he listened to these idiots? He shunned Bill Clinton, put on a beard, and started talking about Alpha Male-dom.

The thing for Barak to do is look at recent democratic success stories and realize they are progressive candidates standing up for liberal values. He should then seek out people like David Sirota (who helped get Brian Schweitzer elected governor of Montana). You know people with more sense than strategy.

A good way to put out a fire is by making a fire-break. This is a place in the path of the fire where all of the potential fuel for continuing the fire is burned. That is the metaphorical role Al Frum plays in a democratic presidential bid.

I can't believe another candidate is being blown by warm winds into this dead end again.

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