Thursday, September 25, 2008

Crashing and Burning

The McCain campaign just keeps getting worse.

After careless vetting he wound up with a running mate that is as dumb as a post, is ready to lie to American voters on day one, is mired in two republican-led Alaskan investigations, and has to be stage managed by handlers like a child celebrity.

Now, he is fumbling around with a silly stunt designed to make him look bold and leaderly on the economy. He is "suspending his campaign" to travel to Washington and "show leadership" on the "Cash for Trash" Bush proposal.

How much assistance is he likely to provide when he already admitted he doesn't know much about the economy?

The time for bold, wise leadership was when the horizon of this catastrophe was approaching. At that time Senator McCain thought it would be a great idea to slash regulations, and that would have made the current problem worse.

Candidate McCain is looking increasingly panicked and I think the American People are going to notice. They might vote for an incompetent, deceitful idiot twice, but they won't vote for someone that looks weak the way McCain does now.

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"Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge"

Charles Darwin