Friday, July 27, 2007

For whom the cat purrs

I am not sure sociologists know why, but for some reason cats are popular with bloggers. The phrase "cat blogging" is used to describe it.

I have stayed away from cat blogging, even though I have cats that are photogenic. For instance this photo portrays the theocratic yoke of a council of clerics which has gone too far. Note the dramatic look in Oliver's eyes:

What lured me into the subject was a recent article in the Boston Globe about a cat named Oscar that seems to detect when death is near for Alzheimer's patients. His response is to jump on their beds and purr:

Story here

Is this an example of cat compassion?

I made a list of other things Oscar could be thinking:
  • I call dibs on this bed.
  • Dying people smell like tuna.
  • This one's too weak to kick me off.
  • Soon the rats will come and I will be ready.
Any others?

May Oscar forgive me.

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