Monday, July 02, 2007

Belt buckles

Here is a link to a June 25, 2007 Time cover-story with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Michael Bloomberg:

Hiding in plain sight?

Some people are highly alarmed by Arnold's choice of belt buckle, which seems an unwise public choice for the son of a Nazi SA volunteer (a.k.a Storm troopers, or brown shorts).

Does the buckle resemble the Gott mit uns deaths head skull worn by the SS?:

See for yourself

Sometimes things can look bad without being bad, and perhaps this is the case. Perhaps this is just a motorcyclin' accoutrement worn without nefarious intent. Perhaps Arnold didn't mean to scare anybody, either.

Since Mr. Bloomberg was born to a Russian/Polish/Jewish family it seems unlikely Arnold would put his arm around him if he secretly harbored Hitler's hatreds. It also seems unlikely that Mr. Bloomberg would let him.

In fact, maybe we should feel good that the son of a Nazi can warmly embrace a Jewish man on the cover of Time magazine.

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