Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My thoughts on Trayvon Martin

What are my thoughts on Trayvon Martin (story here)?

I sez, first, that irresponsible gun use should not be defended by gun owners as if it was responsible gun use. This act was not self defense, but murderous.

I sez, second, that if this vile deed goes unpunished then it would mean that an unarmed black teen was killed in the deep south and the killer wasn't arrested. That would feel familiar to those of us above the Mason Dixon line.

I sez, third, that I hope for Justice for Trayvon's family.

And finally, I sez, that while Obama doesn't need to get involved it might not hurt to remind Americans what a destructive force racism can be.

ADDENDUM: Today president Obama did weigh in on the tragedy and you can view his comments below. I think it was important for him to comment publicly on this, because it might temper a violent response, by restoring public faith in the rule of Law.

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