Tuesday, March 06, 2012

An apple that rolled far from the tree

In this article Mitt Romney is compared and contrasted with his father George.

Article here

The GOP base seems truly to despise Romney while being most responsible for elevating him.

Who benefits more from capital gains tax cuts than vulture capitalists like Mitt Romney? Who benefits more from weak regulators than corporations like those Mitt invests in?
Who benefits more from government hand-outs than men like Mitt who always seem to have their hand out?

I've never believed Republicans capable of disliking someone like Mitt. He is the icon of their coddling is he not? He is the arch-type, the mold, the prototype, for baron of capitalism and benefactor of Republican policy for decades.

Did Republicans really fight to enrich people like Romney with every breath, every bill, every veto, intransigence, and all that noise, without knowing the fruits of their labors?


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