Friday, August 01, 2008

A snake called Mobil

The idea of a national park seems to be to create a place "unspoiled" by human activity. That humans, if given the chance, would take a Paradise and turn it into a sprawling industrial zone seems like the story of Eden with a new apple and a new snake. So, I thought that perhaps a fire-and-brimstone sermon might be in order.

Here goes...

Man is contaminated with sin-ah.
He walks in sin-ah.
And in this siiiiinful state he corrupts that which is holy-ah
That which is con-se-crated-ah,
that which is pure and good-ah,
that which was made by God's hands.

ANWR comes from God and the land teems with life-ah.
Snooow is not enough to drive out that life-ah.
Deep frost, perma-frost, cannot freeze out that life-ah.
There are elk in herds, and waters full of fish and seal-ah.

When the light of God reaches into that cold place don't it call out the black and grizzly bears-ah?
Don't it call out the moose and lynx-ah?
Don't it call out the Elk and wolves-ah?
Don't it call out the falcons and the eagles now?
Don't it call out the musk-oxen, now?

Well? So what?
[quitely] By his works you shall know him.
[quietly] Isn't that right?
[with fire] ANWR is a holy place!

And when man, whose mind is corrupted by greed starts drilling there a change will come-ah.
Oh yes!
A change like that which took place in the garden of Eden. Oh yes!
Man will bring sin into a holy place. Yes!
Man will bring pollution and raise monuments of ugly to profane that place. Oh yes!

That's why we have to protect this holy place-ah.
We need to prove to ourselves and to our children,
that as low as we have sunk-ah, we will sink no more.

As looow as we have sunk, when businessmen grind good people down-ah.
As looow as we have sunk, when the media thinks the Truth is a small thing, now.
As looow as we have sunk, when you can walk the streets on Sunday and don't hear nobody calling out His name!

We need to start to turn things around, now.
We need to keep a place where God can look without disgust-ah.
We need to keep a place where God feels appreee-ciaaaa-Ted for his works-ah.
His heavenly works-ah!
His divine works-ah!

How come we can keep a pyramid but not a shrine of God's creation?
How come we can keep a wall in China but not a treasure that God made?

Because we are weak-ah!
Because we corrupt that which is holy and make holy that which is man-made-ah.
Because we have eyes to see the light and keep them closed-ah.
Because we have ears to hear the word and pay no mind-ah.
Because we have mouths to praise God but use them for lies-ah.

What brings us to Anwar but greed-ah?
Greed for oil. Yes sir.
What brought us to Iraq bug greed-ah?
Greed for oil. Yes sir.

Are we going to give ourselves to temptation again?
Are we going to shrug and say, "It's alright"?
Or are we gonna call on Jesus' name and saaaaay, Saaaaay-ah
Prince of peace-ah!
Holy spirit and mother of God-ah!
Deliver us from evil-ah,
and lead us not into temptation-ah!

I can feeeeeel the Lord in this roooooom, Now.
Oh yes!
The heavenly spirit is stroong now.
Oh yes!
Raise up your arms, now.
Raise them!
Raise them up!

Can you feel the Holy Spirit-ah?
Can you feel the Holy Spirit trying to get through to yoooou-now?
Let him in!
Don't shut him out, now!
Let him in, now!

Praise Jesus!
Thank you Jesus!
Thank you Jesus for the Alaskan Wildlife National Refuge-ah!
Praaaaaise your name!
Thank you Jesus for this gift of which we are not worthy.
Oh no!
There are men working right now-ah,
spending Aaaaaawll their time-ah,
I say spending all their time trying to steal your gift right now from the rest of us.
Please Jesus!
Please, reach down and heal these sickly men-ah.
Place your hands upon them and let them see the heavenly light right nooooow-ah.
Let them open up their eyes to the glory you have creeee-ate-ed-ah.
Let them hear with their own ears the shriek of a falcon in the skies-ah.
Let them see with their own eyes the glory of the sea against the mountains, now.
Heal them Lord-ah.
Lead them awaaay from temp-tay-shun.
Heal them Oh! Lord! Yes-ah!
Heal them that they may live in peace and happiness-ah.
That they may give thanks for what they already have,
instead of always looking for more from the rest of us-ah.
Lord have mercy.
Lord Jesus save us from these men-ah.
Save and protect us from these men-ah.

Now, brothers and sisters, the Lord don't need money to work his miracles, but you know that this congregation is flesh and blood. The Lord is strong here and he gives us strength, but we need to take up a collection now to sweep these men aside. I want you to dig-down into your wallet and show your faith in Jesus now. I want you to take out the largest bill you have, oh yes, the largest bill you have and show your faith in Jesus. He's gonna tell me how and you're going to provide the way.


ps - Last night I watched a movie about the life of MarJoe Gortner (MarJoe).

pps - If you follow the "show your faith in Jesus now" link above you might discover that ANWR is not the fertile Eden I portrayed. It is actually more like a place of rugged beauty that inspires awe because the struggle of life over environment is understood with a glance. Can I help it if the Holy Spirit moved me in mysterious ways?

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