Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The latest delegate odds

Now that Oregon and Kentucky have spoken, it is time to update the delegate math...

Barak Obama has 1656 pledged delegates and 306super delegates for a total of 1962delegates.

Hillary Clinton has 1498 pledged delegates and 279 super delegates for a total of 1777 delegates.

Democratic candidates need 2026 delegates to win the nomination.
Obama therefore needs 64 more delegates (1962 + 64 = 2026).
Hillary needs 249 more delegates (1681 + 249 = 2026).

There are 302 available delegates. Obama needs 21.19% of them and Hillary needs 82.45% of them.

Hillary says she is staying the course, so it is on to Montana and South Dakota.

Source: CNN Delegates 2008

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