Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Throwing in the towel

It looks like Colonel Klink and John-Boy Walton will be calling it quits today.

John Edwards was my top pick for the democratic nomination and it is difficult to see him end it. I think he would have done much better in the general election than Obama or Hillary.

Giuliani seemed to sink lower in the polls the harder he worked. Perhaps he wasn't willing to suck-up to the theocrats the way McCain is? Perhaps Americans are ready to move on from 911? Perhaps he isn't very cuddly? Whatever the case his campaign goes the way of Fred Thompson's, lot's of hype with little traction.

I suspect Giuliani would also have done better in a general election than some of his competitors. Perhaps instant run-off voting, at least in the nomination process (which requires no new laws, just DNC and RNC rule changes), would help candidates like Rudy and John, since it has a track record of selecting more moderate candidates with broad appeal.

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