Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Nasa: Global warming danger point approaching rapidly

This article discusses a warning from N.A.S.A. that global warming is proceeding at an accelerated pace:

Only a decade of can-do left

Here is RealClimate's Beginners Guide to Climate Change

How are Washingtonians addressing this pressing problem?

If you guessed by spending tax money to make the situation far worse you guessed correctly.

Coal is carbon

It is time to rally in support of any technology which doesn't produce carbon and oppose any that does. It is time for people to climb off their high horses and push carbon-neutral energy with one voice before those D.C. cretins spend tax dollars to burn pure carbon.

Mining coal pollutes the water and burning it pollutes the air. How ignorant of us, then, to accelerate global warming by burning it too.

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