Wednesday, February 02, 2011

God's Will

I've always found it impossible to understand extreme selfishness and manic power lust, but in Mubarak's case I find it pitiful as well as perplexing.

This man has always put his own priorities (hanging on) above all else (Justice, Love, Human Dignity) , but to be decrepit from age and clinging with a skeletal hand at such a time is a sad, pathetic commentary on his state of mind.

One rationale that religious people offer for their beliefs is the notion of "free will choices". The argument goes something like this, "Yes there is evil in the world, but it is because God wants us to have free will." In my opinion this argument gets them out of the skillet to stand in the fire, as it means the will of the rapist is just as important to God as the will of the victim, and that the will of the tyrant supersedes that of an oppressed population.

Is the free will of a geriatric tyrant so important?

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