Tuesday, April 27, 2010

GOP rejects fiscal discipline for Wall Street

Is the public financing of elections proving to be irrelevant?

I was thinking this morning, after Republican senators covered themselves in partisan shame, that Olympia Snowe from Maine could easily have voted for Wall Street regulation.

Why do I say this?

She is from a blue state, moreover Americans support fiscal reform by a 2-to-1 margin.

If the GOP wants to punish her, she has the option to get public financing for her next campaign.

If she were pushed too hard, any party that could have Ben Nelson and Joe Lieberman as members would easily welcome her. In that case, her influence would go up rather than down as she would now represent the majority party.

Michael Steele is widely perceived as incompetent within his own ranks, therefore one could imagine being forgiven for rejecting his advice.

Her main priority is supposedly bolstering small businesses, but Wall Street is destroying their access to finance.

Isn't it obvious that the lure of public financing is not pulling Senator Snowe into orbit?

When not even someone like Senator Snowe will do what is sensible, when what is sensible is also popular, then what does that say about the GOP?

The party of Main Street? It is to laugh!

The party of Fiscal Discipline? I jeer in your direction!

The party of Personal Responsibility? What an unsophisticated delusion!

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