Friday, July 17, 2009

Où est le changement?

To lots of otherwise sensible people president Obama is political comfort food. They are always ready to dine from his menu of rhetoric. I must admit that it is understandable that they are hungry after 8 years of famine.

I wish I could suspend my cynicism and my critical thinking and eat a hot dog as if it were a steak dinner. I would certainly eat a lot more steak that way.

But, I can't, and so I say that there isn't any worthwhile difference between George W. Bush and Obama when it comes to ignoring the problems on Wall Street, nor in their respective "solutions". The same policy, cash for trash, closes the (over)sight and opens the wallet. Rather than punishing the reckless, the whitehouse has been rewarding them proportional to their mismanagement.

What has been going on is a politically-motivated redistribution of wealth. Whenever politics plays a role you must remember the words of John Lennon and "follow the money."

Who paid Obama?

Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Lehman Bros.

Who were the treasonous recipients of innumerable welfare dollars?

Goldman Sachs, for one

It is little wonder that Republicans keep calling Obama a socialist, since he is giving public money away to those who didn't earn it. Of course, I don't know why they didn't say the same thing about George W. Bush. Perhaps he was their political comfort food?

What Wall Street wanted it got in spades, even though it could lead to the destruction of America (for as goes wealth, so goes military might).

Cynicism is a heavy burden but it seems like a compass that points true in Washington.

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