Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Happy Days are Here Again

Last night Barak Obama won and won big. He won Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Florida. I got to go to be at a reasonable hour knowing even before results came in from California, Oregon, Washingon, or Hawaii that Obama sealed the deal.

The one question remaining is, just how many Senate seats will democrats wind up with?

Down in Georgia the question remains unanswered due to a slow job of counting early ballots. Here is a link with more details:

Details down in Georgia

While 60 seats, as opposed to 59 seats, would be nice I am not going to let a slow tally ruin a perfectly good day. The truth is, that as long as democratic leaders in the Senate are silly enough to let Liebermann hang onto his chairmanships, a veto-proof majority is a small potato point. The lesson of the past eight years is you don't trust the untrustworthy with Power.

I am curious to find out if Al Franken will win his race in Minnesota. I want him to win because, gosh darn it, I like him.

Perhaps Alaskan voters should have themselves examined? To pick Sarah Palin, Ted Stevens (a felon), and Don Young (a Constitution violator) to represent you takes a galling lack of respect for America.

I imagine that black Americans feel even stranger than I felt when the Red Sox won the World Series. When the unbelievable happens you realize nothing has changed but your perception of the world around you.

After barely squeaking into the whitehouse the first word out of George W. Bush's mouth was "mandate". I knew then it would be a long four years.

Colin Powell famously said about Iraq, "If we break it we bought it." Well, the truth is, George W. Bush broke Iraq alright and now he is slinking out of the store and leaving the mess for someone else to pick up. It is what he has done all of his life. The question now is, is he all done "shopping"?

Yes we can.

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