Friday, October 17, 2008

Swing low...

It struck me this morning that there must be a roomful of serious-minded people somewhere inside the McCain campaign whose job is to find that game-changing piece of slime, that nasty little cesspool offering, that will make McCain look like an attractive alternative to Barak Obama.

The more Americans reject their methods, the more McCain redoubles their efforts. As their guiding strategy fails them, they seem to repeat their mistakes with increasing vigor.

They said Barak HUSSEIN Obama a million times and got no traction.

They insinuated Barak was a sexual pervert and got no traction.

They called Obama unpatriotic, and more recently a pal of terrorists, and got no traction.

And, make no mistake, they keep at it because McCain keeps them at it.

McCain is a drowning candidate and his advisers keep throwing him anchors.

When does his sense of decency preserve his dignity?

Is this how he wishes to face the curtain?

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"Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge"

Charles Darwin