Friday, June 06, 2008


Christopher Hedges has a new book out called Collateral Damage which tries to make war "real" for our TV-obsessed culture. Christopher has been a reporter for a long time and covered war zones for a long time and seems to have an earnestness in his message for mankind. He hinted at this in his previous book, I don't believe in Atheists, when he said the world would survive if People stopped believing in God, but not if they stopped believing in Sin (to paraphrase).

War is not a moral "slippery slope" so much as it is a mosh pit of depravity to be leapt into.

You can read an article by Christopher called, "What it really means when America goes to war" to get a sense of the work.

Given Christopher's background I expect it to provide a human touch to war's gloss. We need that badly, and I am reminded of this every time I watch the toothy shellac-heads playing journalists on TV.

War is not a game, or a sport, or lowest of all entertainment. It is sometimes necessary, but always evil and it brings out the worst in our best. Unfortunately the converse is not true and our worst are sinking down.

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